Theme: Better Together

Dates: October 26-30, 2022

It is a powerful testimony when hundreds of Leaders of the Most High God gather together, encouraging one another, growing in Christ, and unite in worship of Him!

Through the prayers and gifts of our ministry partners, they are able to continue the ministry in their respective fields. It is important to bring these leaders and wives to encourage, empower, and enlighten through the Word and fellowship.

This year we have the opportunity to provide advanced leadership training and support for 1,500+ of our key leaders in South Asia. In addition to our local leaders, we have about 15 people from each state of India. They are gathering at the Mission India Theological Seminary (MITS) in Nagpur Maharashtra, from October 26-30, 2022 for a series of intensive teachings and seminars.

The messages this year will all be around the theme of 'Better Together' highlighting how we individually and as a body of believers are better when we join together in the Kingdom work. Keynote speakers include Rev. P.D. Joseph, Dr. Saji Lukos and other Mission India leaders.

We appreciate your prayers for the conference and for all the leaders who have traveled many miles to attend. They have been longing to be together in person to worship, study the Word, and plan for the future.

The cost is $50 per attendee for a total need of $75,000. Please pray and ask God how He would have you help for this wonderful time of training and fellowship.

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