Self-Supporting Nursing School

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ, Greetings in Jesus’ name! Mony and I have been in India for the past few weeks and enjoying seeing our friends and family members and teaching and preaching at our churches and on our campus. The Leadership Conference is going on now and it has been a great celebration thus far. Keep an eye out for updated photos and videos over the next week.

At the September board meeting, and with much discussion with the India staff, we have made getting the hospital nursing school up and running a priority. In order to be ready for the next academic year (June 2020), we must have the funds for supplies and equipment for the new departments by the end of November this year (just one month away). According to our best projections, within 2-3 years of starting the nursing program, the hospital can become self-supporting. Therefore, we need your help to raise the $216,000 needed to accomplish this goal. As always, this is a big dream, but with our Great God, nothing is impossible!

There continues to be a serious doctor and nurse staff shortage in India, and we hope to help supply some of the nurses needed through our training program. The WHO recommends a minimum of 2.5 nurses per thousand people. India right now has barely 1.7 per thousand – a shortage of nearly one full nurse for every thousand people. With a population of roughly 1.4 billion, that means an additional 1.4 million nurses are needed today just to provide the minimum care. We also provide employment opportunities for those being trained which helps boost the local economy. We will be able to offer degree programs in General Nursing and Midwifery and a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. In addition, the tuition fees from these programs will allow the hospital to become self-supporting.

Please pray about this need and consider what God is prompting you to do. A gift of any size is greatly appreciated. Also, please share this project with your friends and family, especially doctors and nurses.

Together, we can make a difference.

Thank you.

Partnering Together,

Dr. Saji K. Lukos

PS. As we quickly approach the end of the year, please consider sending a special gift to support the Evangelism outreach and Leadership programs.