A Transformational Story

Harekrushana was born into a Hindu family in Orissa state. Because of poverty they used to struggle to get their daily meals. When he was nine his father was killed because of a land dispute. When his father died, their situation worsened, and they spent many nights with empty stomachs. As the eldest son, he took responsibility to support the family. While studying, he worked as a daily laborer. By God’s grace he was able to graduate from a local high school.

Without Christ his anger against his father’s murderers grew stronger and stronger. He joined a local gang to destroy the murderer’s families. When his uncle shared the gospel with love, he responded to Christ and his heart was changed. He now has a great burden to reach his Hindu family. God called him to serve Him full-time and thus he joined MITS in 2009. He is graduating with a M. Div. in March 2012. There are many young men and women like Harekrushana ready to pursue their call. Unfortunately they cannot get a quality education due to the lack of finance. You can invest in a future global leader.


There are 28 bible colleges throughout India and in the surrounding countries. These colleges offer a one-year diploma course in basic biblical knowledge and pastoral training. The students spend 9 months in the classroom and 3 months in the field. Every weekend during their coursework, they are putting into practice what they have learned by sharing the Gospel in the surrounding communities.

Impact of Your Investment

Raising up Indigenous leaders. Helping men and women pursue the call of God in their lives. Empowering leaders and transforming lives Your investment multiplies many times. All your family can contribute towards the fund. Children and grand-children can carry on the legacy.

Cost: It costs about $1,200/year or $100/month to train each student.

Salient Features Include:

Our students come from many language groups throughout South Asia. Special Emphasis for community transformation, evangelism, church planting, and leadership development. Tuition is only 1/10th of a comparable US education.

“Everything rises and falls on leadership” John Maxwell