Reena is one of the 16 brilliant students at the Raipur MIBC. All except one come from a Hindu background.

Reena grew up in a small village of the state of Chhattisgarh in Central India. She has one brother and three sisters. Her mother is alive. However, she grew up without a father who committed suicide due to various family pressures. They served all the Hindu gods, especially the goddess Kali.

Reena was raised by her grandparents, but her grandmother was very brutal to her. She did not go to school and was forced to do all the work in the house. She would receive one meal a day. Her grandma tortured her daily. One day, Reena was weak and unable to get up and do the chores around the house. Her grandma became furious with her and threw scalding hot water on Reena’s face and she had to seek medical assistance. Fortunately, no serious damage was done to Reena.

Through one of her distant relatives, she heard about Jesus Christ and one pastor led her to faith in Christ. Today she is happy and has found a new purpose in life. She is confident of her eternal life. Her mother works in a factory to support the family. Reena shared with her family about Christ and today all of the siblings have come to Christ and attend a local church.

Reena’s desire is to study further and to be involved in compassion ministries, especially taking care of widows. God willing, under her leadership, we may open a center for widows at the campus in Raipur. If you are interested to help poor widows, please contact the RIMI office today.

Like Reena, around 600 students are receiving theological training through RIMI. Most of them are not able to pay anything toward the tuition fees. Please be a partner to raise up next generation leaders. I look forward to hearing from you. Please continue to pray for Mony and my ministry travels in India until December 24.

Until All Have Heard,

Dr. Saji K. Lukos